Statement: In Support of Election Observers and Representatives of the Media

posted 3 Mar 2012, 13:39 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 3 Mar 2012, 13:40 ]
Source: (info), 02/03/12 

· Electoral rights 

On the eve of the presidential elections, on Sunday 4 March, the President’s advisory Council on Civil Society and Human Rights makes the following appeal to all local, regional and other electoral commissions; to the staff of law-enforcement agencies; and to the official representatives of candidates and members of their campaign teams. 

Our common task during the forthcoming elections is to do all we can to ensure that the manner in which votes are cast and the ballot is counted is irreproachable. In this task the main resource at the disposal of civil society are the election observers and representatives of the media. 

The Council on Civil Society and Human Rights calls on all to do their utmost to facilitate the work of election observers and journalists, and to respect their rights which are enshrined in law. Electoral commissions, the police, investigative bodies and the prosecutor’s office should respond promptly and punctiliously to reports from observers and representatives of the media about violations of the electoral rights of citizens. [Read more]