Novaya gazeta may cease publication of its print edition in May

posted 17 Mar 2015, 13:48 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 17 Mar 2015, 14:13 ]
13 March 2015

Source: (info
At a round-table of regional media executives on Thursday, 12 March 2015, the editor-in-chief of Novaya gazeta, Dmitry Muratov, expressed the view that, in the present circumstances - a constriction of the advertising market, issues with postal distribution, the destruction of newsstands, and "attacks on shareholder businesses” - in just two months it will be impossible to publish the newspaper in its current form.

And so, after the May holidays, ‘Novaya' will in all likelihood be forced to suspend publication of the print edition of the newspaper, writes the publication.

"It is crucially important to us that we bring out a special edition of the newspaper for 9 May that will publicise lists of those awarded for fighting real, and not imagined, fascism," remarked Muratov.

All of the paper’s commitments to its readers will be met. Muratov also confirmed that the sale of a stake in the Novaya gazeta publishing house will soon be announced.

The editor-in-chief is to report details of the situation surrounding Novaya gazeta in an address to its readers, the date of which will become known in a few days.

Translated by Lindsay Munford