Communications Oversight Agency blocks site of Consumer Rights Society

posted 29 Jun 2015, 02:05 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 29 Jun 2015, 02:07 ]
23 June 2015

Source: (info)
The Communications Oversight Agency, Roskomnadzor, has blocked the website of the Consumer Rights Society in Russian territory over the publication of a memo for tourists heading for Crimea.

As TASS reported, the Agency’s press secretary Vadim Ampelonsky, said the measures were adopted in response to a demand by the Russian Prosecutor General of 22nd June 2015.

Furthermore, the Consumer Rights Society was forcibly included in the register of so-called“foreign agent” non-profits.

Radio Svoboda comments that the Consumer Rights Society recommended that Russians should enter Crimea from Ukrainian territory after getting authorisation from Ukrainian authorities to avoid problems in the future with receiving a Schengen visa.

In the guidance for tourists it was written that according to the norms of current international law, Crimea and Sebastopol appear as occupied territories, and violation of rules of entry could incur criminal liability. The Prosecutor General’s Office regarded this as “public appeals for undertaking actions that violated the territorial integrity of Russia.”

In an interview with Radio Svoboda, the head of the Consumer Rights Society, Mikhail Anshakov, said that the guidance was drawn up in response to numerous complaints by Russians about the impossibility of obtaining a visa for another country after a visit to Crimea.

Anshakov noted that neither the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs nor Rostourism who should give relevant advice, warn Russians about the possible negative consequences of a visit to Crimea.

Translated by Frances Robson