St Petersburg Court orders Memorial Anti-Discrimination Centre to register as foreign agent

posted 16 Dec 2013, 04:13 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 16 Dec 2013, 04:55 ]
12 December 2013 

Source: (info)
On 12 December, the Lenin district court of St Petersburg ruled that Memorial Anti-Discrimination Centre must register as a foreign agent. The Centre posted this news on Twitter.

The prosecutor for St. Petersburg’s Admiralty district conducted sued in the civil courts on behalf of “an unspecified group of people” and demanded that the organisation be included in the register of “NGOs fulfilling the duties of a foreign agent”. However, on 25 November, at a court session, the procurator clarified the investigation demands, by adding one more: “That the activities of the private charitable organisation, Memorial Anti-Discrimination Centre, be recognized as those of a non-profit organisation fulfilling the activities of a foreign agent”.

On 12 December the Lenin district court of St Petersburg has satisfied the prosecutor’s demand and has issued an unprecedented ruling to recognise Memorial Anti-Discrimination Centre as a “non-profit organization carrying out the functions of a foreign agent” and to bind the organisation to enter the appropriate register.

Translated by Frances Robson