Women of the Don refuse to call themselves ‘foreign agents’

posted 21 May 2014, 08:04 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 21 May 2014, 10:24 ]
20 May 2014

Source: HRO.org (info)
Women of the Don Union intends to lodge an appeal against the decision by Novocherkassk court handed down on 14 May 2014 that the organization is a ‘foreign agent’.

According to chairperson and coordinator of the organization, Valentina Cherevatenko, the court decision has yet to enter into force.

‘We have yet to see the reasoning behind the court’s decision. Once we have this, we shall see how the judge explains the ruling. We shall seek to lodge an appeal. We do not recognize ourselves as agents of foreign influence since we are not engaged in political activity. We saw nothing during the court hearings that could serve as a basis for the prosecutor’s point of view,’ Valentina Cherevatenko explained.

According to Cherevatenko, the financial reports of Women of the Don Union are publicly available. The non-profit’s activities are focused on the work of promoting participation within local communities in the resolution of local issues, Rosbalt reports.

‘We have worked to promote the human rights and rehabilitation of people who have been in difficult situations, the victims of various disasters and acts of terrorism. We have worked with teachers from Chechnya and from Rostov region, we have created school services for the resolution of conflicts. We have worked with police officers, assisting them to create a positive image of the police in the local community. I see nothing here that has anything to do with political activity,’ Valentina Cherevatenko said.

Novocherkassk court ruled that the non-profit organization Women of the Don Union acts as a ‘foreign agent’ because it receives funding from foreign sources.