Women of the Don: "We hope this letter will reach the very farthest corners and be read by everyone of good will"

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23 September 2014

Source: HRO.org (info)
Dear friends,

Two months have now passed since we made a countrywide appeal for support.

We told you what had happened to our organisation and about our ongoing struggle against being labelled "foreign agents". We are using all legal means possible, within the Russian and international legal systems.

We asked people to support Women of the Don, in order to give us the chance to continue both our fight to clear our name and our work to promote and protect the human rights of citizens of our country. We needed to collect money to pay the fine that the court imposed for our refusal to register voluntarily as a "foreign agent".

We have since appealed to a further court of appeal. We are sorry to say that we have not yet been able to prove that we are in the right because they did not listen to us. They did not want to hear. So our organisation is now obliged to pay a fine of 300 000 roubles.

However, we are continuing our fight because we are convinced that the Union of Women of the Don has never been, and never will be, a "foreign agent". We are patriots, as our work has always proved!

When we made our previous call for help, we could hardly believe ourselves that anyone would respond to our message and help us. We are ashamed now of having thought like that, because a huge number of people did help us and they continue to help us. We haven't even met most of these people!

In two months we were able to raise more than 220 000 roubles.

While this is a very large sum of money, it is not enough for us to pay the fine.

Our deepest thanks to you all – to those who resolved to help us, who believe in us and who are prepared to stand by us in this difficult period.

We hope very much that together we will overcome.

Our activities are a protest against the aggression committed against our organisation.

We are calling on you again, our friends: please support us by sending this letter to all who are prepared to listen to us and help us.

We hope this letter will reach the very farthest corners and be read by everyone of good will.

We only need to raise a little more money! We are asking people to respond who haven't yet found time to make a contribution to the work which is done on behalf of us all.

We are continuing our fundraising! The fine must be paid by 15 October 2014.

We must preserve our organisation: our Union of Women of the Don!

We still need YOUR SUPPORT!

One possible form of support is donations from citizens and legal entities in sympathy with our work. Your support is a sign that our work is important and useful to you as citizens of Russia. We are your agents!


Recipient of payment: Regional human rights NGO 'Union of Women of the Don’.
INN (tax number): 6150025245
KPP (tax registration): 615001001
Bank: Yugo-Zapadny Bank ОАО "Sberbank Russia", in the city of Rostov-na-Dony
BIC: 046015602
Account code: 30101810600000000602
Current account number (rouble account): 40703810752450100069

Payment reference: Charitable donations for the running of the organisation and its statutory activity. VAT is not applicable.

Получатель платежа: Региональная общественная правозащитная организация "Союз "Женщины Дона"".
ИНН 6150025245
КПП 615001001
Банк: Юго-Западный Банк ОАО "Сбербанк России" г. Ростов-на-Дону
БИК: 046015602
К/ счет: 30101810600000000602
Р/ счет (рублевый): 40703810752450100069

Назначение платежа: Благотворительное пожертвование на содержание и уставную деятельность организации. НДС не облагается.

You can also make a donation by means of bank transfer. Print out the payment slip for a payment in a branch of Sberbank of the Russian Federation.

Union of Women of the Don

Translated by Suzanne Eade Roberts