Court rules Ministry of Justice must hand over order designating St Petersburg Soldiers’ Mothers as ‘foreign agent’

posted 3 Nov 2014, 07:19 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 3 Nov 2014, 07:27 ]
28 October 2014

Source: (info)
BaltInfo correspondent Ilya Davlyatchin reports that St Petersburg’s Kuibyshev district court has ruled that the Ministry of Justice must give access to the order by which the NGO St Petersburg Soldiers' Mothers was included in the register of “foreign agents”.

The Ministry of Justice included the NGO St Petersburg Soldiers' Mothers in the “foreign agents” register on 28th August. According to the organisation’s website, during the period of time the “foreign agents” law has been in force, the Ministry has inspected their organisation more than ten (!) times. They also claimed that their employees had been subjected to pressure.

During the court hearing at Kuibyshev district court the NGO's lawyer Sergei Golubok said that the Ministry's order was only known about via the information published on the Ministry’s website. The text of this decree had not been seen by anybody. As a result the court acceded to the petition from the representatives of St Petersburg Soldiers' Mothers requesting access to the order from the Ministry.

St Petersburg Soldiers' Mothers are one of the leading human rights NGOs in Russia, having worked to protect human rights for over 20 years. Their activities involve protecting the rights of conscripts, citizens with the right to alternative civil service and also military service personnel whose rights have been violated.

Translated by Chloe Cranston