Dmitry Zimin insulted by application of 'foreign agent' label to Dynasty Foundation

posted 7 Jun 2015, 18:22 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 7 Jun 2015, 18:29 ]
27 May 2015

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The founder of the charitable Dynasty Foundation, the scientist and businessman Dmitry Zimin, has said that he may continue to fund the Foundation if the Ministry of Justice revokes its decision and personally apologizes to him, Novaya gazeta reports, citing Vedomosti.

Dmitry Zimin does not intend to contest the decision of the Ministry of Justice to designate the Dynasty Foundation as a 'foreign agent' in court.

On 8th June the board of the Dynasty Foundation will meet to decide its fate.

On Monday, 25 May 2015, the Ministry of Justice included the Dynasty Foundation in the list of ‘foreign agent’ NGOs. The organization was added to the list because, allegedly, it receives funding from the personal wealth of Dmitry Zimin which ‘is located abroad’.

Zimin (who is a Russian citizen, it should be made clear) pointed out that he had never hidden the fact that his wealth, which is used to support Dynasty, is kept abroad. Zimin is indignant: ‘After all, the money of the Russian government is also kept abroad – and what of that?’

The charitable foundation was set up by Dmitry Zimin in Russia in 2002. Dynasty Foundation specializes in educational projects and scientific research.