Aleksandr Cherkasov, Memorial: ‘We play our own tunes...'

posted 3 Apr 2013, 06:11 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 3 Apr 2013, 06:12 ]
2 April 2013 

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Aleksandr Cherkasov, member of the board of the International Memorial Society, answers a question put to him by the journalist Natalya Granina: ‘Is it ethical for Russian non-profit organizations to receive money from abroad?’ 

‘Let’s be clear about what is ethical and what is not ethical. Imagine a restaurant. It suddenly turns out that the food there is not very good. And someone calls in the inspectors. The inspector arrives, goes into the kitchen, and comes out with a plastic bag which contains something wrapped up, and says: ‘Everything is fine here. I’ve checked. There are no violations.’ It’s obvious that you can't help but have various kinds of unpleasant doubts. [Read more]