Golos re-emerges in new guise

posted 9 Jul 2013, 23:13 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 9 Jul 2013, 23:15 ]
8 July 2013 

Source: HRO.org (info)
The election monitor Golos, banned by the Ministry of Justice, has re-emerged in a new disguise - as a public movement in defence of voters’ rights.

The founding congress of the movement with the same name, Golos, was held in Moscow. The movement was established without creating a legal entity and has the right to operate under the law, the Rosbalt news agency reported, citing Echo of Moscow. From next week, it will start recruiting public observers.

Earlier, Grigory Melkonyants, deputy director of Golos, reported that in mid-July there would be a founding meeting for a new non-commercial organisation, to be called the Golos Foundation. This legal form has been chosen so that it can will actively collect funds from Russian sources.

At the end of June, the Ministry of Justice suspended the operation of Golos for six months. The decision was taken after the association refused to register as a non-profit organisation, performing the function of a foreign agent. That same day, its founders decided to liquidate the association. Golos also decided to appeal to the European Court on Human Rights regarding the application of the law on “foreign agents” against it.