Perm: Court finds Grani Centre is not a ‘foreign agent’

posted 17 Jul 2013, 14:04 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 17 Jul 2013, 14:10 ]
17 July 2013 

Source: (info)
Magistrate Marina Yakutova dismissed the administrative charges brought by Perm region prosecutors against the NGO Grani Centre.

The radio station Echo of Moscow in Perm reports that Grani Centre has not been fined since the court found no evidence of the administrative violation alleged by the prosecutor’s office.

The court hearing lasted throughout the second half of the day. The prosecutors insisted that Grani Centre had received foreign funding, a fact that Grani Centre did not deny.

At the same time a question arose, which today is being discussed all the more vigorously: were the representatives of Grani Centre acting as separate individuals when they entered the Governor’s Political Advisory Council and took part in various expert working groups in developing legislation and recommendations, or were they representatives of Grani Centre?

In this connection a debate arose over one of the articles in which Svetlana Makovetskaya, presented as the director of Grani Centre, expressed her view of Mikhail Khodorkovsky. The prosecutor’s office considered this to be evidence, and even wanted to call the journalist who wrote the article to the court. But the magistrate refused to allow this.

The prosecution demanded that Grani Centre be fined 400,000 roubles for failing to register as a ‘foreign agent.’