Winners of the 2014 Moscow Helsinki Group Awards (+ photos)

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10 December 2014

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On 9 December – the eve of International Human Rights Day – the Moscow Helsinki Group named the 2014 winners of its annual human rights awards.

Lev Shlosberg, a civil society activist and member of the Pskov region Legislative Assembly, received the award for “Courage in the Defence of Human Rights”.

Svetlana Alekseyevna Gannushkina, chair of Civic Assistance Committee and a member of the governing board of the International Memorial Society, received the award for “A Historic Contribution to Human Rights and the Human Rights Movement”.

Andrei Makarevich received the award for “Defending Human Rights through Culture and Art”.

The journalist Aider Muzhdabayev received the award for “Journalism Promoting Human Rights Values”.

Viktor Aleksandrovich Shmyrov, director of the “Perm-36” Museum of Political Repression, received the award for “Contribution to Human Rights Education”.

Ramil Akhmetgaliyev, a lawyer for Agora Human Rights Association received the award for “Asserting Human Rights in Court”.

Lidiya Efremovna Rybina, head of the Tambov Human Rights Centre, received the award for “Success in the Development and Management of Human Rights Organisations”.

Leonid Petrashis, chair of the Public Monitoring Commission for Rostov region, received the award for “Activities in Defence of Social Rights and the Interests of Local Communities”. 

Sergei Shimovolos, head of the Nizhny Novgorod Human Rights Union, received the award for “Expert and Academic Activity in the Field of Human Rights”. 

The journalist Natella Boltyanskaya received the award for “Fostering Human Rights Traditions among Young People”.

Moscow Helsinki Group Human Rights Awards Ceremony. 9 December 2014. Moscow: Photos by Andrei Vl. Korolev and Vadim Karastelev.

The members of the Moscow Helsinki Group and its chair, Liudmila Alekseeva, would like to offer their sincere congratulations to the winners of the awards and wish them continued success in their promotion of human rights values in our country.

The 2014 Moscow Helsinki Group human rights awards ceremony took place on 9 December in Moscow.

The Moscow Helsinki Group awards have been held annually since 2009. Previous winners include the musician Yury Shevchuk, the lawyers Anna Stavitskaya and Yury Shmidt, the author Viktor Shenderovich, the actress Liya Akhedzhakova, Andrei Blinushov (chair of the Ryazan-based Memorial organization and editor of the website, Mikhail Ugarov (artistic director of Teatr.doc), the journalists Elena Milashina, Zoya Svetova, Leonid Nikitinsky and Kristina Gorelik and the human rights defender Natalya Estmirova, who was killed in 2009.

Translated by Joanne Reynolds