Moscow Helsinki Group announces its 2015 award winners

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2 November 2015

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Original source: Moscow Helsinki Group
The Moscow Helsinki Group has announced the 2015 winners of its annual human rights awards.

Gavkhar Dzhurayeva, head of the “Migration and Law” integration centre, has received the award for “Courage in Defence of Human Rights”.

Arseny Roginsky, a historian and human rights activist and chair of the board of International Memorial Society, has been recognised by the Moscow Helsinki Group for his “Historic Contribution to Human Rights and the Human Rights Movement”.

Artem Loskutov, an artist and organiser of the annual art gathering “Monstration” in Novosibirsk, has received the award for “Defending Human Rights through Culture and Art”.

Lidiya Grafova, a journalist, human rights activist and editor-in-chief of the independent newspaper “Migration in the 21st Century”, has received the award for “Journalism Promoting Human Rights Values”.

Sergey Lukashevsky, head of the Sakharov Centre, has received the award for “Contribution to Human Rights Education”.

Ivan Pavlov, lawyer and founder of the Freedom of Information Foundation and Team 29, has received the award for “Asserting Human Rights in Court”.

Irina Protasova, head of the human rights organisation “Individual and the Law” (Yoshkar-Ola), has received the award for “Success in the Development and Management of Human Rights Organisations”.

Tatyana Kotlyar, human rights activist and head of the Kaluga-based regional movement For Human Rights, has received the award for “Activities in Defence of Social Rights and the Interests of Local Communities”.

Tamara Morshchakova, an Honoured Lawyer of the Russian Federation and former Constitutional Court judge, has received the award for “Expert and Academic Activity in the Field of Human Rights”.

Irina Shcherbakova, head of education and youth programmes at International Memorial Society and the school project “All-Russia Annual Historical Competition for Senior Pupils ‘The Individual in History. Russia in the 20th Century’” has received the award for “Fostering Human Rights Traditions among Young People”.

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The Moscow Helsinki Group 2015 human rights awards ceremony will take place in Moscow on 5 December 2015.

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Translated by Joanne Reynolds