Memorial Human Rights Centre opens new website

posted 16 Oct 2015, 08:05 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 16 Oct 2015, 08:13 ]
13 October 2015

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On 14th October 2015 the Memorial Human Rights Centre’s new website, dedicated to the Centre’s activities and its different programmes, comes into existence.

Previously the Memorial Human Rights Centre’s materials appeared on the shared International Memorial Society’s website Now, at the address, the HR Centre has its own site.

The Human Rights Centre publishes a steady stream of numerous materials, documents, analysis, and research on the situation in zones where armed conflict is occurring, on assistance to refugees, the defence of human rights cases in Strasburg, the defence of victims of political repression, and of those suffering from religious persecution (both in Russia, and in other countries, including in Central Asia), etc.

The primary aim of the new site is to ensure that the materials on the organization’s activities, to the greatest degree possible, are public and accessible, and to distribute topical information with speedy efficiency.

To achieve this the content is organized in such a way that the user, without having to resort to complicated searches, can find practically all the information required on the site’s main page.

The most important section is – information. There, in addition to communications from the Memorial Human Rights Centre, can be found the results of monitoring different themes in the media, and the most interesting contributions by Memorial members published in various blogs. There is a place for photo, audio, and video materials, illustrating the work of the Centre.

For those following important long-lasting issues, both information and further reference sources are to be found in designated materials of the section ‘At the Centre of Attention’.

More detailed information on each of the programmes run by Memorial Human Rights Centre can be found in the corresponding sections of the site. In order to facilitate a more in-depth and focused exploration, there are tools which facilitate both the search and the study of materials of each programme.

A separate section has information on the Memorial Human Rights Centre as a single structure: its founding charter and other basic documents, details of its management and contact information.

There is to be a presentation of the Memorial Human Rights Centre’s new internet site on 14 October 2015 at 14.00 at Karetnyi ryad, 5/10, Moscow. Prior accreditation is not required.

Translated by Mary McAuley