Human rights ombudsman criticizes attack on internet freedom

posted 23 Apr 2014, 01:20 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 23 Apr 2014, 01:23 ]
21 April 2014

Source: (info)
Ella Pamfilova: "The only positive thing to come out of this whole story, although this is also doubtful, but all the same it’s a positive thing, is the powerful impulse for the development of internet technologies as people seek ways to get around the regulations.’

"But this positive aspect is completely outweighed by the huge negative aspect,” Interfax quotes Ella Pamfilova’s as saying at a session of the Human Rights Council on the issue of legislative regulation of the internet in Russia.

According to the ombudsman, the attempts to get round the bans, and the impulse this gives to the development of such technologies, takes thousands of internet users into a legal no man’s land.

Ella Pamfilova expressed regret that representatives of the Russian Communications and Media Agency (Roskomnadzor) were not present at the session of the Human Rights Council and could not present arguments for the stance they have taken, and hear arguments for and against, Novaya gazeta reports.