Are they preparing RuNet to be cut off from the global Internet?

posted 20 Sep 2014, 14:26 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 20 Sep 2014, 14:53 ]
19 September 2014

Source: (info)
In the next week a number of events involving top officials will take place in Russia concerning the functioning of the Russian segment of the Internet at times of emergency, Vedomosti reports, citing staff of a several Russia communications companies, Internet providers and non-profits.

In particular, this theme will be discussed on Monday 22 September at a session of the Security Council of Russia with President Vladimir Putin participating. Officials at the Ministry of Communications are to report to the President on the results of tests carried out in July to examine the stability of the Russian segment of the Internet and to prevent violations in conditions of unfriendly ‘purposeful actions’, writes.

As a result it is planned to adopt a number of decisions that would ‘strengthen the sovereignty of the Russian segment of the World Wide Web.’ In particular, a special procedure for administering the Internet could be introduced that would provide for Russia to be disconnected from the global network.

The tests carried out by the Ministry of Communications showed that RuNet is vulnerable and measures to minimize the risks are now being discussed that would include the possibility of temporarily cutting off RuNet from the rest of the world, a source in the security services told the publication.

The staff at a major communications company and at a non-profit say that there is no question of permanently cutting off access to the global network. But Russian communications companies will be obliged to set up their equipment in such a way that if there is an emergency situation the Russian Internet could be rapidly cut off from the global network. The kind of emergency situation being considered could include external military action, as well as serious protests within the country, one of Vedomosti’s sources said.

The second proposal the officials are to discuss is the transfer to the state of the function of administration of domains currently performed by a non-profit organization, the Coordinating Centre for National Internet Domains. Most likely, the Federal Communications Agency, which is subordinate to the Ministry of Communications, will take on this role.

The President’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov confirmed that on Monday 22 September a working session of members of the Security Council is planned. He did not specify what questions would be discussed, merely noting that part of the agenda for such meetings is by tradition not made public.