No Consistency in Court Rulings

posted 2 Jun 2012, 15:15 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 2 Jun 2012, 15:16 ]
Source: (info), 31/05/12 

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On 31 May Moscow’s Basmanny district court reduced the pre-trial restrictions on Dmitry Pavliuchenkov, suspected of organizing the murder of Novaya gazeta journalist Anna Politkovskaya. Pavliuchenkov is suffering from chronic illnesses. The day before, Moscow City Court had refused to release another severely ill detainee, Stanislav Kankiya, from pre-trial detention in exchange for travel restrictions. 

Dmitry Pavliuchenkov has been released from pre-trial detention and placed under house arrest. Pavliuchenkov’s lawyer had requested this change “on grounds of the chronic and severe illnesses of the accused.” Pavliuchenkov had been held in pre-trial detention since August 2011. Earlier it became known that Pavliuchenkov had reached a plea bargain with the investigation and has admitted his guilt, Radio Liberty reports. [Read more]