Khodorkovsky’s Lawyer Comments on Putin’s Statement that there are no Political Prisoners in Russia

posted 8 Feb 2012, 11:54 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 8 Feb 2012, 11:55 ]
Source: (info), 07/02/12 

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Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s defence counsel doubts the sincerity of the words of prime minister Vladimir Putin that there are no political prisoners in Russia. “The whole country knows that there are political prisoners and knows their names,” Vadim Kliuvgant, Khodorkovsky’s defence counsel, said. “The Presidential Council on Human Rights knows who they are. It has publicly named both the problem and the individuals concerned. But Vladimir Putin does not know. Either he had another country in mind, or he is deprived of access to information, or he does not say what he thinks, or he is showing everyone who mentions this issue what he really thinks of them.’  [Read more]