Prisoners of the Yukos Affair: Aleksei Kurtsin

posted 4 Sep 2011, 13:17 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 4 Sep 2011, 13:26 ]
Source: (info), 11/07/11 

· Yukos Affair 

Aleksei Kurtsin was an ordinary employee in the property department of the Yukos Oil Company. He did not have his own business. Indeed, the only thing he owned was his two-bedroom Khrushchev-era apartment. In 2004, when more and more Yukos managers found themselves behind bars or forced to emigrate, the company needed a new deputy head of its property management department with the authority to sign documents. Aleksei Kurtsin was appointed to this position. Even in this new post, Kurtsin had no powers to make decisions about the distribution of company funds. 

Aleksei Kurtsin’s mother, Tatiana Evgenievna, has described the events of 16 November 2004 when “two men in civilian clothes” took her son away from his apartment to the state prosecutor’s office. Kurtsin’s parents only found out about their son’s arrest three days later while watching the news on TV. [...] On 1 December 2005, Judge Elena Kaneva of Moscow’s Lefortovo district court sentenced Aleksei Kurtsin to 14 years in a strict regime penal colony, one year more than the state prosecutor, Vadim Ovchinnikov, was arguing for.  [Read more]