Ministry of Internal Affairs seeks posthumous trial of Sergei Magnitsky

posted 12 Feb 2012, 10:34 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 12 Feb 2012, 10:35 ]
Source: (info), 07/02/12 

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Investigators at the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) are preparing to take the case of the late lawyer Sergei Magnitsky and the head of Hermitage Capital Wiliam Browder to court, according to a press release dated 7 February. 

According to, police investigator Boris Kibis stated in a letter addressed to Magnitsky's family and Hermitage Capital lawyers that the preliminary investigation into Magnitsky's case had been been completed and the case was ready to be handed over to a court. The only way Magnitsky's relatives can prevent a posthumous trial is by “giving up their right to defend his honour and dignity,” said the letter dated 3 February. [Read more]