Boris Akunin: "You said the little guy can't win?"

posted 21 Jul 2013, 09:26 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 21 Jul 2013, 09:32 ]
19 July 2013 

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Boris Akunin: Now everything might change. And not as it usually does, but, instead, for the better. It turns out that this is enough to get 10,000 people in Moscow – and probably just as many in total across all the other cities in Russia – to go out and participate in an unsanctioned rally.

Without doubt, it is starting to look like Navalny might become a real competitor for victory in Moscow’s mayorial election. He – and his whole team – know how to work with people a lot better than the sour Sobyanin team. And we will help Navalny with whatever we can – with all our hearts and with all our might.

There are several variants:

VARIANT 1: The authorities let Navalny campaign, and then frightened by his favorable polling, send him to jail right before the elections.
RESULT: There will be a revolt in Moscow. 

VARIANT 2: The election is rigged by the usual cheating, ballot stuffing and false calculations. 
RESULT: There will be a revolt in Moscow. 

VARIANT 3: They are obliged to let Navalny become mayor. 
RESULT: Perestroika 2. 

VARIANT 4: Sobyanin wins a hard-fought, but fair fight. 
RESULT: The rules of governance change nonetheless, i.e. Perestroika 2. 

What I am delighted about is not the victory of the opposition over the reactionaries – enough with calling it the “opposition”! As someone recently put it so well: “We simply live here”.

I am delighted about the victory of reason over stupidity.

Does this mean we can hope again?

Source: Boris Akunin's blog on Echo of Moscow