Court sentences driver to prison for blocking police vans on Manezh Square

posted 24 Jul 2013, 05:01 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 24 Jul 2013, 05:13 ]
22 July 2013 

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A court has sentenced one of the participants in the Manezh Square protest in support of opposition activist Aleksei Navalny to fifteen days in prison, Navalny has reported in his blog. According to, the car belonging to Vsevolod Matveev broke down and hindered police vans from moving off with prisoners.

“Father of four, Vsevolod Matveev, was dragged out of his car by five police officers, and the swine of a judge from the Tver district court sentenced him to fifteen days’ imprisonment, having rejected the inalienable right of a person to break down in his car in a place which his conscience and civil courage demands,” Navalny writes.

Navalny pointed out that Matveev was the only person who took part in the demonstrations on 18 July 2013 to be imprisoned – “so far”.

Moreover, Navalny went to the special detention centre number 1, where Matveev is serving his term in prison for the alleged administrative offence, and he was able to visit him in his professional capacity as a lawyer. “He sends his regards to everyone. I thanked everyone in the person of Vsevolod Matveev,” Navalny added.

On 18 July 2013 in Moscow many thousands took part in a protest, that did not have official permission, against the repressions and mass arrests. Pickets and public rallies took place in 26 towns across Russia.