Memorial Hands President Materials on Human Rights Violations in North Caucasus

posted 8 Jul 2011, 12:32 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 8 Jul 2011, 12:46 ]
Source: (info), 06/07/11

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A meeting of the Presidential Council on Civil Institutions and Human Rights with President Dmitry Medvedev was held on Tuesday, 5 July 2011, in Nal'chik (Kabardino-Balkaria). During the meeting Svetlana Gannushkina, a member of the Presidential Council, member of the Council of Memorial Human Rights Centre and chair of the Civic Assistance Committee, handed the President “Recommendations on Measures to Overcome the Crisis in the North Caucasus” (in English:

President Medvedev was also given a report on the first results of an independent investigation into the murder of Natalya Estemirova, to be made public on 14 July. [Read more]

This translation, with some minor changes, has been reproduced by kind permission of Memorial Human Rights Centre.