Novaya gazeta and the philanthropic projects of banking mogul Lebedev are under threat

posted 22 Feb 2012, 07:51 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 22 Feb 2012, 07:51 ]
Source: (info), 22/02/12 

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Novaya gazeta
, Russia’s largest opposition publication, is experiencing obvious financial difficulties. According to initial reports, the account belonging to the head of the National Reserve Bank, Aleksandr Lebedev, from which various philanthropic projects are financed, has been blocked. 

Levedev himself has clarified the situation shortly after reports citing the editorial office of Novaya gazeta were published by Interfax. According to Lebedev, the account has not been blocked, but at present it has no funds left in it, due to the raids by Russian law enforcement agencies. For the time being, journalists are prepared to work for free. Dmitry Bykov has made the following statement, ‘I’d like to declare that I will continue working, and will do it always and for free, and will offer my help if need be.’ [Read more]