Only 6% of Citizens Believe the Police are Effective

posted 10 Nov 2011, 14:49 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 10 Nov 2011, 23:48 ]
Source: (info), 09/11/11 

· Ministry of Internal Affairs 

The Index of Public Trust in the Police, the result of an independent monitoring of public opinion about the police, has registered a high level of public dissatisfaction with the performance of the newly reformed police. 

The Index has been developed on the initiative of the Public Verdict Foundation by experts from the Foundation jointly with the Yury Levada Analytical Centre as an alternative to the periodic surveys of public opinion conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. 

According to the results of the Index, only 6% of the public are confident that the work of the police is satisfactory; 46% of the Russian public evaluate police work negatively; a mere 6% are confident in the ability of the police to protect members of the public from crime; 50% believe that the police are not able to protect them from criminals. [Read more]