Human Rights Defenders urge PACE to acknowledge the absence of democratic elections in Russia

posted 4 Oct 2011, 11:47 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 4 Oct 2011, 11:49 ]
Source: (info), 23/09/11 

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The Human Rights Council of Russia has called on the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) to acknowledge that democratic elections no longer exist in Russia. 

"We have to admit that on the whole the current condition of the institution of elections in Russia complies neither with international obligations, nor even with national legislation”, the statement reads, signed, among others, by Ludmila Alexeeva, head of the Moscow Helsinki Group, Oleg Orlov, chair of Memorial Human Rights Centre, and other human rights defenders. 

According to, the authors of the statement point out that, for instance, a whole series of Russian opposition parties have been denied the right to participate in elections, as well as access to major TV channels and newspapers, “despite the fact that their programmes and statutes are based on the priorities of a democratic society.” The statement says: “Such political parties as The Other Russia, People’s Freedom Party, Russian United Labour Front (ROT Front) and others have been denied registration. Although the decision to dissolve the Republican Party of Russia – another opposition party – was declared illegal by the European Court of Human Rights, that decision has not been reversed by the authorities.” [Read more]