Perm: Research into Public Attitudes Towards the Police

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The Centre for Civic Education and Human Rights has published an opinion survey of Perm residents about the work of the police and its various subdivisions. Andrei Suslov, director of the Centre for Civic Education and Human Rights, historian and member of the Public Council of the Perm City Police Department, presented the results of the research to journalists and the public.

In July 2010 the Centre for Civic Education conducted a survey of 1000 residents of Perm. The research focused in the first instance on investigating certain significant factors that have an impact on the level of trust of Perm city residents towards the police. At the same time the survey examined public attitudes not only to the police as a whole, but also to structural subdivisions of the police. Analysis of the survey results was completed in April 2011.

On 19 April 2011 the results of the opinion survey, and the recommendations of experts, were presented to the heads of city and district police departments at a meeting of regional police officials at the Perm City Police Department.

At the meeting it was recommended that the leadership of Perm City Police Department distribute the final analytical report, in paper and electronic versions, to municipal district police departments in Perm region, thereby making it accessible for staff; organize discussions of the final analytical report in various subdivisions of Perm region police; recommend that police, at city and district levels, take part in discussions about the role of the police in society organized by both the police and NGOs.

The report’s authors believe that the most important proposal, were it to be accepted, would be the creation of a Working Group, under the auspices of the City Police Department. This Working Group would in turn develop recommendations on how to raise the effectiveness of the police’s public order work, based on the analysis presented in the report and using evaluations of police work that take public opinion into account.

The full text of the opinion survey can be read in the attachment.

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