"You will answer for our pilot!"

posted 29 Nov 2011, 04:11 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 29 Nov 2011, 05:02 ]
Svetlana Gannushkina, 28/11/11 

Source: HRO.org 

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The Tajik courts have released the pilots Vladimir Sadovnichy and Aleksei Rudenko. They were released under an amnesty, and because of the Tajik prosecutors’ concerns the sentence was reduced to two and a half years. We are all pleased that the pilots have been released and that Russia on this occasion did not abandon them in their misfortune, but fought for them. 

And Anton Orekh on radio Moscow Echo is glad. He is glad and hopes that the Tajiks, who have unfairly suffered, will now once again be warmly received in Russia. Only the problem is that, recently, ‘a weevil as if by magic died’ in fruit from Tajikistan, and ‘every Tajik will once again need documents, certificates and stamps’, and, finally, the ‘secret Tajik syphilis will retreat before the approaching cold, along with tuberculosis and HIV’. Indeed, Anton Orekh’s optimistic hopes are not going to be realized. 

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