Human rights defenders monitor implementation of the law “On the Police”

posted 1 Oct 2011, 01:40 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 1 Oct 2011, 01:42 ]

Source: (info), 20/09/11 

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· Perm Region · Rostov Region 

From 19 September, monitoring of implementation of the law “On the Police” is taking place in seven Russian regions – Krasnoyarsk, Komi, Marii El, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Perm and Rostov. Monitoring is being carried out on the initiative of the Working Group of Human Rights Organisations on Police Reform. 

As the Public Verdict Foundation reports, the monitoring is focused on interactions between the public and the police and should evaluate the extent to which the police are meeting the obligations prescribed by the law “On the Police”, as well as the related secondary legislation. The monitoring will be conducted over one month and initial findings will be presented by the Working Group in November. 

Monitoring of the law “On the Police” is being carried out to evaluate changes in the quality of police work with the public. The central issue with which the monitoring is concerned is whether the law is effective as a working tool to put into practice the main principles embodied in the law: observance and respect of rights and freedoms, the prohibition of torture, openness and transparency, and impartiality. [Read more]