Political prisoner Oleg Navalny describes conditions in prison punishment cell

posted 26 Oct 2015, 08:58 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 26 Oct 2015, 08:59 ]
23 October 2015

Source: HRO.org (info)
Oleg, brother of the well-known Russian civil society activist, Aleksei Navalny, has described the conditions of detention in a prison punishment cell where he has twice been placed for "violations."

His story was on published October 22, 2015 on Aleksei Navalny’s website. https://navalny.com/ru.

“A punishment cell is a very small room with a toilet and a sink, a door and a window which are both barred, of course, this is a prison after all. In Orel punishment block there are wooden floors which are much better than concrete. They wake you up at 4:30; go back to bed at 20:30 ", Oleg Navalny writes.

Hee reports that the bed in the punishment cell is fastened up to the wall for the period from 4.30 to 20.30. According to him," There is a small chair and table, so that during the day you can sleep in funny positions, sitting at the table, or in any position, lying on the floor, with a possible risk of catching a chill in the kidneys.”

“Generally speaking it’s OK in the punishment cell. Well, at least until the administration start to provoke you. And the administration of Penal Colony No. 5 know how to do that, it's almost in their job description,” political prisoner Oleg Navalny asserts.

"For example, when they took me to the punishment cell they didn’t give me my glasses, lenses, religious books and publications to which I subscribe," Oleg Navalny says.

He tells how the day the local Orel Public Oversight Commission visited the prison they gave out vitamins to the prisoners and raised the temperature in the cells. The representatives of commissions as a result concluded that "in the facilities of Penal Colony No. 5 everything is good." When Oleg Navalny tried to tell them about his illegal detention in the punishment cell he says he received the following reply: "Well, you know, in our country there’s a lot of theft. The penal colony doesn’t have enough money to do everything in line with the law." Reported Oleg Navalny.

The leading member of the Commission told Navalny before leaving the prison: "I hope, that, after serving your sentence, you will go out of here a true patriot like me."

Earlier, Oleg Navalny’s lawyer, Kirill Polozov, said that his client was in need of surgery. But Navalny was not allowed to have it done at the regional hospital, Kasparov.ru reported.

Memorial Human Rights Centre (Moscow) states that ‘Aleksei Navalny is one of the leaders of the opposition in Russia and is involved in exposing corruption in public procurement and in other activities of the authorities. The history of the criminal proceedings against Aleksei Navalny clearly suggests that his prosecution was politically motivated.’

Oleg Navalny is recognized as a political prisoner by Memorial Human Rights Centre.

Translated by Graham Jones