Vera Politkovskaya and Ilya Politkovsky: Pavliuchenkov is not just an accomplice in the murder, he is one of the organizers

posted 11 Oct 2012, 04:54 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 11 Oct 2012, 04:55 ]
Source: (info), 09/10/12 

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Novaya gazeta
 has published a statement by Vera Politkovskaya and Ilya Politkovsky, the children of Anna Politkovskaya, on the need to overturn a deal made with investigators: 

“Today we presented a petition to the Investigative Committee and to the General Prosecutor’s Office on the need to overturn a deal the investigators made with Dmitry Pavliuchenkov, charged with the murder of our mother. Having acquainted ourselves with the case materials of this investigation we are convinced that he did not fulfil all the obligations he took upon himself and must appear in the dock with all the other defendants. And this should be an open trial under the oversight of the public and the media. [Read more]