Authorities Plan to Put Pressure on NGOs

posted 3 Feb 2012, 04:36 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 3 Feb 2012, 04:37 ]
Source: (info), 28/01/12 

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Olga Sviridenkova, head of the legal non-profit partnership Lawyers for Civic Society: “The new Civil Code is a blow against non-profit organizations.” 

A working group was due to present the draft of a revised Civil Code to the President by 1 February. The draft includes significant changes to legal regulations on the activities of non-profit organizations, including human rights organizations. The provisions relating to non-profits, in particular, have given rise to a peculiar situation. Until 19 January it was assumed that the article regulating to the capital requirement for an organization had been approved by a Ministry of Justice working group. Now suddenly there is talk of substantial changes, and even some previously approved amendments include a number of contradictions and inaccuracies: 

Most significantly, the draft contains a new provision obliging non-profit organizations engaged in income-generating activities to set aside assets equivalent to at least the minimum statutory capital envisaged for limited liability companies. [Read more]