Human rights defenders: “Putin’s Proposal Threatens the Future of Russia”

posted 1 Feb 2012, 01:57 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 1 Feb 2012, 01:58 ]
Source: (info), 28/01/12 

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Statement by a group of Russian human rights defenders“ individual who is campaigning to become president of the Russian Federation is suggesting that all the achievements of past years be crossed out, that the judgments of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation be ignored, together with the promises made to the Council of Europe, and that we return to the Soviet institution of obligatory residence registration..." 

On January 23rd Nezavisimaya gazeta published a second pre-election article by Vladimir Putin, candidate for the post of president of the Russian Federation. As a result of the author’s evident wish to please a great number of people — if not everyone — the article is filled with contradictory statements and various quotes – used inaccurately and tendentiously – taken from historians, philosophers, and politicians. It would therefore be senseless to distinguish between any of the ideas with which one could agree, since others that contradict them are side by side in the same text. What is frightening is something else: among the positive wishes for the development of culture, the strengthening of the judicial system, and the building of effective law enforcement agencies, the only practical proposal is the introduction of criminal liability for breaching regulations on migration and the rules for residence registration. With this goal in mind Vladimir Putin suggests conducting a review of the Administrative and Criminal Codes. “Naturally,” Mr. Putin adds, in a twist typical of this text as a whole, “without infringing upon the constitutional rights of citizens in choosing a place of residence.” How it is possible to introduce criminal liability for the realization of a basic human right, without infringing upon it, the reader is not told. [Read more]