Pamfilova calls for 'rehabilitation' of Pussy Riot

posted 10 Apr 2014, 14:02 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 10 Apr 2014, 14:07 ]
8 April 2014

Source: (info)
Human Rights Ombudsman Ella Pamfilova has said that she is not completely satisfied with the legal review of the Pussy Riot case, and stated that the girls’ punk prayer did not constitute a crime. reports that in a commentary published on the Ombudsman’s official website, Pamfilova writes that "as soon as the court found that hatred towards any social group in the actions of those convicted was absent, it would only be natural to eliminate a religious motive as well. And accordingly, to recognise that N. A. Tolokonnikova, as well as M. V. Alekhina and E. S. Samutsevich, did not commit a criminal offense at all."

Pamfilova expressed concern that that the Presidium of Moscow City Court had not heeded this request.

In a statement, the Ombudsman said that "the internal rules of behaviour for any non-profit organisation, including a religious organisation, are not identical to those governing public order." Thus, the punk prayer in the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour should not have been regarded as a breach of public order.

In addition, the text of the punk prayer, according to Pamfilova, “contained no incitement to commit illegal acts with regard to any social group on the basis of its religious or other affiliation.”

Earlier, on 4th April, the Presidium of Moscow City Court reduced the sentences of Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alekhina by one month. The Presidium resolved to exclude from the sentence the motive of hatred towards a social group. 

Translated by Samuel Hancock