Human Rights Defenders and Leading Public and Cultural Figures Initiate National Round Table

posted 1 Dec 2011, 14:26 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 1 Dec 2011, 14:27 ]
Source: (info), 29/11/11 

Human rights defenders 

A group of human rights defenders, scientists, academics, writers and artists have together initiated the creation of a "national round table". The initiators envision this round table as a mechanism to ease the peaceful transformation from an authoritarian rule, based on a single personality, to a democratic political system, based on the rule of law. 

A letter received by the editors of states that the initiators of the round table, who include human rights activists Ludmila Alekseeva and Sergei Kovalev, actresses Liya Akhedzhakova and Natalya Fateeva, the writer Vladimir Voinovich, and civil society activists Georgy Satarov and Aleksei Simonov, have invited all those committed to the values of freedom and individual rights, and those “who are ready to take part in the search for a way out for Russia from the ruinous dead end” to take part in the founding assembly. The organizers hope that the round table will become a permanent platform for working out an alternative to the current system of personalized political power. Representatives of opposition political parties, notes, have also been invited to take part. [Read more]