Alekseeva calls for election posters to be banned from schools

posted 19 Nov 2011, 09:21 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 19 Nov 2011, 09:21 ]
Source: (info), 17/11/11 

Head of the Moscow Helsinki Group Ludmila Alekseeva has called for a ban on election posters and other materials being displayed in schools after the incident in a Krasnoyarsk High school. 

“I studied in Soviet times. We defaced portraits in our textbooks. There was a picture of Kalinin with a beard, and we gave him horns. I would not say that this was a good thing to do. I remembered Kalinin because once for a drawing of that kind one child’s parents were almost sent to prison. And they avoided being sent to prison only because the headteacher turned out to be a good person and had enough common sense not to let the matter go any further,” Ludmila Alekseeva told Interfax

The head of Moscow Helsinki Group pointed out that the United Russia poster was not a ‘holy text’ and that the boy should not be punished for the incident, the Rosbalt New Agency reports. [Read more