Yury Shevchuk Makes Video Appeal to Judge Hearing Case of Taisiya Osipova

posted 28 Dec 2011, 10:32 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 28 Dec 2011, 10:33 ]
Source: HRO.org (info), 27/12/11 

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Rock musician Yury Shevchuk has made a video appeal to Judge Dvoryanchikov, who is hearing the high-profile case of Taisiya Osipova in Smolensk. 

As Echo of St. Petersburg reports, on 27 December Taisiya Osipova, an activist with The Other Russia political movement, was to make her final address to the court. Earlier the prosecutor had asked that Taisiya Osipova be given a prison sentence of 12 years and 8 months. Osipova is charged under Article 228 of the Criminal Code relating to narcotics. However, the case was investigated by officers from the police division responsible for combating extremism. [Read more]