Solzhenitsyn exhibition opens near Ryazan

posted 15 Feb 2015, 12:08 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 15 Feb 2015, 12:20 ]
13 February 2015

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On 11 February 2015, the public opening of a permanent private exhibition dedicated to Aleksandr Isaevich Solzhenitsyn was held in the Borovnitsa hotel in Solotcha, near Ryazan. The exhibition focuses on the period of Solzhenitsyn’s life when he lived in the town.

Solzhenitsyn spent summers in this hotel with his wife, writing and taking long walks and bike rides in the Meshchora. Later he rented living quarters in the neighbouring village of Davydovo, where he worked in secret on the manuscript of the GULAG Archipelago.

The exhibition features photographs and a number of Solzhenitsyn’s possessions from his “Solotcha period”.

There is currently no charge to view the exhibition. Visits can be arranged by telephoning the hotel office on (4912) 28-79-63.

More information on the life and works of A. I. Solzhenitsyn can be found on the website of the Ryazan Memorial Society.

Photos of the opening of the Solzhenitsyn exhibition in Solotcha near Ryazan. 

Materials prepared by Ryazan Memorial Society about political repression in the region can be read HERE.

Translated by Joanne Reynolds