Sova Centre Update on Racism & Xenophobia in June 2011

posted 4 Jul 2011, 14:23 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 4 Jul 2011, 14:39 ]
Source: (Info), 01/07/11

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Sova Centre
has published its traditional monthly review of xenophobia and radical nationalism and efforts by the State to combat them in June 2011. The review is based on the daily monitoring conducted by Sova Centre.

At least six people became victims of racist and neo-Nazi attacks in June 2011, with three of those dying due to their injuries.

These figures bring the year-to-date totals to 14 deaths, 58 injured, and an additional 5 people receiving death threats across 15 regions of Russia.

There were at least three acts of vandalism motivated by hatred or neo-Nazi ideology in June. In addition to ideological objects, monuments and so on, the attacks on Muslim graves continued in a cemetery in the Nizhny Novgorod Region. At least seven Muslim graves in Nizhny Novgorod cemeteries have been objects of vandalism since the beginning of this year. In total, there have been at least 33 acts motivated by hatred or neo-Nazi ideology across the country, with Muslim graves and monuments becoming a primary target. Ideological monuments and buildings remain vulnerable, with 12 and 11 cases, respectively, of vandalism committed on each so far this year. [Read more]