Thousands sign petition against memorial to Stalin in Orel

posted 26 Apr 2015, 09:39 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 26 Apr 2015, 09:44 ]
14 April 2015

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Residents of Orel have demanded that the memory of Stalin is not commemorated in their city. They have created a petition on the website, calling on the mayor Sergei Stupin to heed their demand.

According to Novaya Gazeta the petition has already collected 2896 signatures in two weeks, instead of the original aim of 250.

The text reads as follows: “More than 20,000 people from our city suffered during the years of Stalin's repression. The repression reached its heights in 1930-40. Mass shootings took place in Medvedevsky forest, where the remains of 157 political prisoners, who were detained in Orlovsky prison and hastily shot on the 11th of September 1941, rest. A monument to Stalin in Orel would be an insult to the memory of these victims of political repression and is like spitting on their descendants. “

“We plan to solve this question (of the monument) before Victory Day”, said the deputy of the Orel city council, Andrey Roslov, “It will be the first monument to Stalin on the territory of modern Russia.”

Up to now, according to the information of the press centre of the Orel branch of the Communist Party of Russia, over 300,000 roubles have already been donated towards the installation of the Stalin monument. It has been confirmed that the governor of Orel region, Vadim Potomsky, himself contributed 100,000 roubles. The sculpture of the dictator is also ready. It was created by the local sculptor Mr Basarev.

But the city council has not yet reached an agreement. The media believes that the question will be resolved at their upcoming meetings.

– "We shouldn't forget, deny or conceal Stalin's guilt before Soviet citizens. No less than 18 million people suffered from repression in the country”, said the creator of the petition against the monument's installation, Anna Dulevskaya, “The victory in the Great Patriotic War doesn't belong to Stalin, but belongs to the self-sacrificing and heroic nation. We do not have the moral right to forget the price paid to achieve it.”

Those who signed the petition noted that in 2005 it had also been planned to erect a monument to Stalin in Orel. The bust was not installed because of mass protests.

Translated by Chloe Cranston