In Memory of Galina Starovoitova

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20 November 2012 

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On the evening of 20 November 1998 Galina Starovoitova, a deputy of the second convocation of the State Duma, was killed in the entry hall of the apartment building where she lived in St. Petersburg. She was murdered on the eve of elections to the St. Petersburg legislative assembly. That evening Starovoitova had flown from Moscow to St. Petersburg. At Pulkovo airport she had been met by Ruslan Linkov, and the two went together to the apartment building where Starovoitova lived. At an evening in her honour in the year of her death, ex-deputy of the RSFSR and People’s Artist Oleg Basilashvili said: "She was the only contemporary Russian politician who was not afraid to have her voice heard on the most difficult, serious and dangerous questions, and whose voice was heard. And now we have frozen in some kind of strange silence and premonition of a return to whispered conversations in our kitchens..." [Read more]