Russian citizens and de-Stalinization

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The Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (known as VTsIOM from its Russian initials) has published the results of its survey on “how Russian citizens evaluate initiatives proposed as part of the de-Stalinization project.”

According to VTsIOM, among the initiatives proposed as part of the de-Stalinization project, Russians tend to support free access for researchers to all documents related to burial sites of the victims of the terror and the declassification of materials connected to political repression in the country (71%).

The majority of survey participants also approve of the following:

- the idea of burying Lenin's body (52%),

- erecting memorials to victims of repression in large cities and villages (51%),

- a ban on naming populated areas, streets, squares, and so on, after people responsible for the repressions (48%),

- making it possible for people to contest any legislative act or regulation of the Stalin era in order to declare it invalid (48%),

- investing part of the profit of enterprises set up on the basis of prison labour in a fund for the purpose of supporting rehabilitated citizens (47%),

- developing new school curricula on national history free of the myths of the Stalin era (44%).

According to VTsIOM, Russian citizens have a negative attitude towards two measures: a revision of the dates of official remembrance days and professional holidays so that they are not based solely on the Soviet period of Russian history; and dismissal of civil servants who publicly deny the crimes of the Stalin regime (50% in each case).

The national survey was carried out by VTsIOM on 16-17 April 2011 when 1600 people were interviewed in 138 populated areas in 46 regions, districts and republics of Russia. The statistical margin of error does not exceed 3,4%.
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