Human Rights Defender Natalia Taubina on the UN, the Alternative Report and Torture in Russia

posted 11 Nov 2012, 15:06 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 13 Nov 2012, 12:20 ]
9 November 2012 

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There continue to be many complaints in Russia about torture and inhumane treatment. This is discussed in a report submitted by a group of Russian human rights organisations to the UN Committee Against Torture. Among the authors of the report, which demands that the Criminal Code should provide for punishment of those guilty of torture, are representatives of three NGOs based in Moscow - Public Verdict Foundation, Memorial, the Institute for Human Rights - and the Committee Against Torture based in Nizhny Novgorod. One of the authors, human rights defender Natalia Taubina, spoke about the report to Dinara Setdikova, a Radio Liberty correspondent. [Read more]