“The Bill for Torshin.doc”

posted 6 Jul 2011, 14:26 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 6 Jul 2011, 14:30 ]
Lev Levinson, 30/06/11
Source: HRO.org
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Lev Levinson: Legislative amendments proposed by Senator Torshin would empower the Constitutional Court to quash judgments of the European Court of Human Rights where they conflict with earlier rulings by the Constitutional Court. In addition, the proposed bill would ban Russian citizens from applying to the European Court of Human Rights before there has been a final decision by the Supreme Court or the Supreme Arbitration Court in their case.

There is no need to ask why the author of the bill, a lawyer, has entered into an open conflict with the law. If Torshin is guilty of anything, it is only in that he has done what he was told to do by his party in a disciplined manner. This is because, apparently, he did not write the bill himself. If you open the bill on the website of the State Duma you will see a funny thing. The file with the text of the bill is there called “The Bill for Torshin.doc.” It is difficult to assume that a file with this name originated on the computer of a senator or a member of their staff.

It is well known that the most dubious Kremlin legislative initiatives are made in the name of parliamentarians. Just in case. So if anything goes wrong, they can always say, “It wasn’t us.” [Read more]