Members of the Human Rights Council on the Situation in Ukraine

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12 December 2013

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We, representatives of Russian human rights organisations, having witnessed the mass protests in Kiev of late November to early December 2013, are deeply concerned by the situation in Ukraine.

The clear political crisis in which Ukraine now finds itself threatens to divide and destabilise the country.

We are worried by the instances of violence and confrontations committed amongst those taking part in the conflict.

We appeal to both the authorities and to protesters to show civic responsibility as regards the future of their country.

It is our belief that all sides of the conflict should officially declare their intention to restrain from violent methods.

We demand an international inquiry into the instances of violence, with the obligatory involvement of representatives from Ukraine’s civil society and of other countries.

It is essential to guarantee the unconditional safety for journalists, human rights defenders and independent observers.

We ask the Russian mass media to cover the events in Ukraine with the utmost objectivity.

The statement was signed by members of the Council:

Evgeny Bobrov
Aleksandr Verkhovsky
Elizaveta Glinka
Natalya Evdokimova
Sergei Krivenko
Ella Polyakova
Nikolai Svanidze
Elena Topoleva-Soldunova
Irina Yurgens
Andrei Yurov

Source: Presidential Council on Human Rights and Civil Society

Translated by Holly Jones