Andrei Makarevich: I don’t recall since Brezhnev’s time such unbridled propaganda and lying

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1 March 2014

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Andrei Makarevich, musician: I’m very concerned about what is happening in Ukraine. But I’m much more concerned about what’s happening on that account in my own country.

I cannot rid myself of the feeling that our authorities perceive the country and its people as nothing more than things for them to control.

However, if a ruler does not listen to its people, and at the same time uses force against it, the people will overthrow him. What happened in Ukraine is typical of a revolution, and for all my lack of love of revolutions, I cannot say that this was unjust.

And now, no matter how much they go on about the protestors being a ‘brown plague,’ it looks abominable.

I don’t recall since Brezhnev’s times such unbridled propaganda and lying.

And where’s the comparison: in those days they had fewer opportunities.

Guys, what are you trying to achieve by this? Creating a favourable public opinion for sending troops into the territory of a sovereign state? To steak the Crimea?

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, sending troops into Czechoslovakia, did not ask the people’s opinion. And what came of it, apart from the fact that they disgraced themselves before the whole world? Today there are two countries there instead of one. And where is the first, and where is the second? Did we get their love? Or something else?

After all, there has already been success in brainwashing quite a large number of idiots and simply uneducated people with an unbalanced psyche.

They are already rushing with guns in their hands to save the Russian-language population – as if these people wanted to be saved. And they believed it.

Those of you who are controlling the TV, what do you want to achieve?

You want to spoil relations between our two nations that live side by side for a long time to come? You are succeeding in that.

And do you know how all this will end? Did you want war with Ukraine? It won’t turn out like it was with Abkhazia: the guys from the Maidan have already been tempered, and they know what they are fighting for: for their country, for their indepedence.

And what are we fighting for? For Yanukovich?

Guys, why have you hidden him in Russia? An honest person won’t hide a criminal and thief. But a thief will. Why are you disgracing yourself in front of all humankind?

I know you couldn’t care less, but all the same…?

Of course, a lot of stupid things have happened in Ukraine -with the Russian language, with the removal of memorials. But stupidities like that are inevitable when there is a revolution - the spring pushes back in the opposite direction. And then everything returns to its rightful place. Stupidities don't go on for ever.

Guys, we have to live with them. We'll be neighbours just as in the past. And it's best if we are friends. And how they will live - that's for them to decide themselves. 

Or you just wanted to do some shooting?

They patriotism makes you stronger.

But not for long.

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