Russian authorities set to toughen censorship in Crimea?

posted 5 Apr 2014, 07:37 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 5 Apr 2014, 08:45 ]
2 April 2014

Source: (info)
The Russian Federal Communications and Mass Media Agency (Roskomnadzor) has promised to purge Crimea of ‘harmful’ information, ATN reports, citing Crimea’s Ministry of Information and Mass Media. The head of Roskomnadzor, Aleksandr Zharov announced this at a meeting with the chair of the self-proclaimed Crimean government, Sergei Aksenov.

“I think that, in close contact with the Ministry of Information and Mass Media of the Crimean Republic, we shall oversee these issues and clear the area of harmful information,” announced Mr Zharov.

In particular, the issue concerns blocking sites of “extremist content” and shutting down the operation of sites which spread “dangerous content.”

Aksenov believes that in March 2014, the “situation on the informational market in Crimea improved.” “This happened thanks to the fact that we completely switched over to Russian standards. We are happy that we don’t have the noxious influence of nonsensical television, so people are happy,” cheerfully reported Mr Aksenov.

Translated by Samuel Hancock