Lev Shlosberg sends list of killed paratroopers to Prosecutor General’s Office

posted 20 Sept 2014, 15:03 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 21 Sept 2014, 15:33 ]
17 September 2014 

Source: HRO.org (info
Lev Shlosberg - a deputy in the Pskov regional legislative assembly and a well-known journalist - has sent a list of killed Russian paratroopers to Sergei Fridinsky, deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation and chief military prosecutor. As social networking sites reported on 17 September, in his letter, Shlosberg asks Fridinsky to explain why these young men died.

The deputy noted that the servicemen listed died “between July and September 2014 while carrying out their military duties away from the base where their unit is permanently stationed” in the Pskov region.

Shlosberg claimed that the soldiers’ deaths might have been due to a breach of the Russian Constitution and other laws, by officials who had the authority to give the soldiers orders.

According to the website Kasparov.ru, the deputy called for an investigation into the circumstances around the deaths, as well as details of the exact place of death and the reasons why the soldiers were at the location where the tragic events occurred. He also called for the guilty parties to be identified.

In addition, Lev Shlosberg asked the prosecutor to disclose which state benefits the families of the servicemen who have been killed will receive.

In August, the Pskovskaya guberniya newspaper published a report by Shlosberg on the burials of Pskov-based paratroopers who had died in Ukraine. The deputy was subsequently attacked and severely beaten by unidentified men.

Translated by Suzanne Eade Roberts