Many thousands take part in Moscow March for Peace. Photos by

posted 23 Sep 2014, 13:53 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 23 Sep 2014, 14:26 ]
22 September 2014

Vera Vasilieva

On 21 September 2014 on International Peace Day many thousands of people took part in a demonstration against war along Moscow’s boulevards. Called a March for Peace, the demonstration began on Pushkin Square and ended on Sakharov Prospekt. Its main purpose was to call for an end to Russia’s aggressive policy against Ukraine and for peace.

The march was to move off at 17:00, but already by 16:20 long lines had formed outside the metal detectors that anyone wanting to take part in the demonstration had to pass through. The crowd filled the whole of Pushkin Square. 

To view these and other photos from the rally, please click HERE.

The political parties and civil society organizations taking part in the demonstration included Solidarity, Yabloko, RPR-PARNAS, Democratic Choice, and Fifth December. Many well-known people could be seen among the demonstrators, including politicians, journalists, and people from the world of academia and the arts.

At one time, the correspondent of found herself in one row with the politicians Vladimir Milov, Gennady and Dmitry Gudkov, Boris Nemtsov, Vladimir Kasyanov, Vladimir Ryzhkov; the member of the Academy of Sciences Yury Ryzhov, the journalists Aleksandr Rykhlin and Vladimir Kara-Murza Jnr. They were holding up a banner with the words: ‘Putin, stop lying and warring!’

The placards announced: "’Mothers against war’, ‘Ukraine, Forgive Us!’, ‘Stop the war’, and ‘Putin, Bring Our Children Back From The War!’ 

The march was very colourful. Many of the protestors were carrying Russian and Ukrainian flags, white-blue-red and yellow-blue ribbons, balloons and flowers. People were dressed in yellow and blue colours. Many wore badges with a symbol of peace – the words “Pacifist” or “No to War!” Participants chanted “Peace To Ukraine and Freedom To Russia,” “Ukrainians Are Our Friends!”, “I Want To Live In A Free Russia!” and “No To War!”

When the march reached Trubnaya Square, a flock of white doves were released into the sky as a symbol of peace.

The demonstration took place without any serious incidents. But at one point on the march a group of aggressive people, carrying flags of the DNR, tried to break through a metal fence and attack the demonstrators. However, the police and march organizers managed to prevent a serious clash from developing.