Andrei Blinushov: My solidarity with Ukraine (video)

posted 11 Mar 2014, 13:33 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 11 Mar 2014, 13:37 ]
10 March 2014

Andrei Blinushov

Andrei Blinushov, a historian who lives in Ryazan, on the new significance acquired by the slogan of 1968: ‘For our and for your freedom’

"My name is Andrei Blinushov. I live in central Russia in the regional capital of Ryazan.

"I want to say that I categorically condemn the sending of military forces by my country to the territory of Ukraine.

"And I want to appeal to our Ukrainian friends. You must know that it is not our decision. It is the decision of the current Russia authorities today, and has nothing in common with so-called international assistance or with democracy.

"Unfortunately, in Russia far from everyone understands today that the return of democracy itself to Russia depends on the success of the changes in Ukraine. 

"I understand this very clearly, and today I want to express my solidarity with you. 

"As a historian I want to recall the slogan of 1968,’For our and for your freedom’  "